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Anxious that your flat anchor does not hold, glide, or unceasing?

Alain Maurin, a boater and passionate diver noticed that whatever the nature of the seabed, the flat anchors always end up getting on the slice. This makes it uncertain where the mooring lines are along the coasts or when the space is restricted as in creeks

Stop-Ancre is a system consisting of two stabilizers to fix on your anchor that will allow it a faster and more durable burial. And this despite the changes in wind direction

This saves you time, safety and avoids harming the biodiversity of the seabed.

A simple, economical, safe and environmentally friendly gesture!

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Alain Maurin, inventor and associate

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Eco Gestes
Eco Gestes
EcoGestes, an Association of public utility recognized in the nautical community that recommends to boaters to use stop-anchor for their anchorages on the sand
April Marine
April Marine
April marine, leader in insurance and boating Services recommends the Stop-Ancre system to its customers
Orange Marine
Orange Marine
Orange marine, recommends Stop-Ancre as an innovative mooring solution


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Toute la journée, les entreprises innovantes du territoire viennent présenter leurs projets sur #Méditerranéedufutur à la recherche d’investisseurs pour déployer leurs technologies ⤵️


⚓️ #Mediterraneedufutur, c'est aussi l'occasion de mettre en valeur les start-up. Comme Stop-Ancre, un adaptateur d'ancre qui la rend plus efficace et plus écologique, made in #Marseille 👍
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La pépinière Roubaud (8e) accueille ce soir le lancement officiel du mouvement « Entrepreneurs pour la planète ». Celui-ci met en relation chefs d’entreprises et porteurs de projet à impact positif sur l’#environnement ⤵️


A la soirée de lancement de @eplplanete qui met en relation des entreprises et des porteurs de projet #environnement en recherche de compétences.

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